Light meson physics from maximally twisted mass lattice QCD

We present a comprehensive investigation of light meson physics using maximally twisted mass fermions for N(f) = 2 mass-degenerate quark flavours. By employing four values of the lattice spacing, spatial lattice extents ranging from 2.0 fm to 2.5 fm and pseudo scalar masses in the range 280 less than or similar to m(PS) less than or similar to 650MeV we control the major systematic effects of our calculation. This enables us to confront our N(f) = 2 data with SU(2) chiral perturbation theory and extract low energy constants of the effective chiral Lagrangian and derived quantities, such as the light quark mass.
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Baron, Remi Boucaud, Ph. Dimopoulos, P. Frezzotti, R. Palao Palomares, David Rossi, G.C. Farchioni, F. Munster, G. Sudmann, T. Giménez Gómez, Vicente Herdoiza, G. Jansen, K. Lubicz, V. Simula, S. Michael, C. Scorzato, L. Shindler, A. Urbach, C. Wenger, U. 2010 Light meson physics from maximally twisted mass lattice QCD Journal of High Energy Physics 2010 8 097-1 097-41