Introduction to special issue: brand equity, satisfaction, and word of mouth

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The COVID-19 pandemic has generated an incredible change in the global economy that will likely have long-term consequences on consumer behavior, markets, business models, market regulation, and public policies, among others [1,2]. We are only at the beginning of seeing these effects, and this new scenario offers opportunities to articulate research in the area of marketing aligned with the urgency of recovering customer trust and reactivating sales [3]. The five contributions presented in this Special Issue, “Brand Equity, Satisfaction, and Word of Mouth”, aim at being incorporated into the dynamics of methodological and thematic innovation in marketing, in reply to some of the research priorities that, due to their potential, are presented today as opportunities and preferential research domains, in the highly complex scenario depicted after the COVID-19 outbreak.
brand equity
word of mouth
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Ruiz-Molina, María Eugenia, Irene Gil-Saura, y Gloria Berenguer-Contrí. «Introduction to Special Issue: Brand Equity, Satisfaction, and Word of Mouth». Sustainability 13, n.º 22 (2021)