Eruption cysts : a series of 66 cases with clinical features

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An eruption cyst (EC) is a benign, developmental cyst associated with a primary or permanent tooth. This paper presents 66 ECs in 53 patients who reported to 3 different centers in Turkey between 2014-2015. 53 patients (31 male, 22 female) with 66 ECs were diagnosed and treated over a 1-year period. The mean age of patients was 5.4 years (minimum 5 months, maximum 11 years). Clinical examination and periapical radiographs were used to establish diagnosis. Age, gender, site, history of trauma and type of treatment were recorded. Of the 66 ECs diagnosed in 53 patients, more than half (56.6%) were located in the maxilla, with the maxillary first primary molars the teeth most commonly associated with ECs (30.3%). Multiple ECs were diagnosed in 13 of the 53 patients. ECs had previously diagnosed in the primary dentition of 2 patients, 3 patients reported a history of trauma to primary teeth. In the majority of patients (46 cases, 86.8%), no treatment was provided, whereas surgical treatment was provided in the remaining 7 cases (13.2%). Eruption cysts are usually asymptomatic and do not require treatment;. however, if the cyst is symptomatic, it should be treated with simple surgical excision.
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