Sostenibilidad y laboratorios escolares

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In this work we present a study of how environmental sustainability deals with on secondary school centres. The analysis includes the current status in teaching chemistry at secondary level: laboratory teaching, classroom books and the point of view of chemistry teachers about the environmental hazard of some of the chemicals used along in these tasks. In order to derive conclusions we start proposing the following questions: 1. Which dangerous substances for the environment can be found in the secondary school laboratories and how frequently are they used? 2. What is done with the products after a chemical reaction? 3. Are the chemistry teachers aware of the dangerous substances used and stored in their laboratories? 4. Which hazardous substances for the environment are proposed in the secondary chemistry books to perform practical works? Is the given information about their impact on the environment enough?
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Carrascosa, Jaime; Climent Santamaría, María Teresa; Domínguez Domínguez, Consuelo; Payá, Lorena (2007) Sostenibilidad y laboratorios escolares Educación Química 18 4 311 322