Las Empresas morales de Juan de Borja instrumento de pedagogía jesuítica

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Juan de Borja (1533-1606), the son of Saint Francisco de Borja (1510-1572), who would later become the third Superior General of the Socity of Jesus, published a book of emblems with a pronounced moralistic content, with the title Empresas Morales (Prague, 1581), after a long and distinguished diplomatic career. It is a work that stands out, among other reasons, for the evidence that can be detected in it of the method of study implanted in the Ratio Studiorum by the Society. It was the system of study under which the author was educated. The purpose of our article is to show, through an analysis of the book's imprese, which at first glance exude a predominantly political nature, how the author imbricates and disseminates the precepts with which he was educated, by means of the combination of iconographical and textual elements. KEYWORDS: Juan de Borja; Empresas Morales; Ratio Studiorum; Society of Jesus; Emblem; Impresa; Image; Text.
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Martínez Sobrino, Alejandro ; García Román, Cirilo. Las Empresas morales de Juan de Borja instrumento de pedagogía jesuítica. En: Imago: revista de emblemática y cultura visual, 9 2017: 73-86