Rehabilitation with implant-supported overdentures in total edentulous patients: a review

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Objectives: The main aim of this review article is to discuss implant-supported overdentures (ISOs) as treatment in edentulous patients. Besides, we will try to discuss among the different treatment options in such patients and to analyze their validity when ISOs are compared with other clinical modalities. At the same time, we will try to suggest clinical guidelines supported by current clinical studies. Material and methods: We performed a Medline search and review of pertinent articles on the mentioned subject from 1986 to 2011. As a searching strategy, we used the following words: implant-supported overdentures, attachment systems, Locator attachment, cantilever, fixed prosthesis. Results and conclusions: Implant-supported overdentures constitute an accurate and predictable treatment option and achieve a higher patient's satisfaction. This type of treatment constitutes a cheaper treatment than fixed prostheses and in some patients, with loss of lip support or with an interoclusal space larger than 15 mm, the choice of implant-supported overdentures seems to prevent future aesthetic or phonetic problems.
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Martínez-Lage Azorín, L. ; Segura Andrés, Gustavo ; Faus López, Joan ; Agustín Panadero, Rubén. Rehabilitation with implant-supported overdentures in total edentulous patients: a review. En: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry, 2013, Vol. 5, No. 5: 267-272