Frame recovery using multiple images in rolling shutter based systems

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Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
An algorithm for recovering transmitted static identifiers (IDs) in rolling shutter based Optical Camera Communication systems is proposed by the authors, considering a system comprised of a camera and a circular light source. The goal is to allow the correct decoding when the ID frame is only partially detected in the image. A baseline algorithm as reference for the frame recovery success rate (FRSR) and a reconstruction algorithm based on the idea of capturing multiple frame fragments and reassembling them is proposed in order to recover the transmitted ID not entirely seen on a single image. It was proven, by simulation, that the maximum distance at which the IDs recovery can be guaranteed is increased by 2.5 fold with the proposed algorithm, for 6-bit, 8-bit and 10-bit codewords. An experimental validation algorithm was also proposed, using image processing techniques to extract the bitstreams and test the ID recovery process. The proposed algorithm improves the FRSR for a given distance, even in the presence of considerable bit errors in the bitstreams extracted from the images.
Bibliographic reference
Rêgo, M., Perez, J., Fonseca, P., & Alves, L. N. (2023). Frame recovery using multiple images in rolling shutter based systems. En IET Optoelectronics (Vol. 17, Issue 4, pp. 162-174). Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).