¿Qué opinan los adolescentes sobre los museos y la didáctica?

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The paper presents part of the results obtained in the second phase of a research on cultural exclusion and inclusion of adolescents regarding heritage sites. Specifically, it analyses students aged 14 to 16’s perception of teaching activities held in museums, with special emphasis on the work of mediators and educators, in the formulas and degrees of participation provided to students and in the nature of the activities that museums offer them. The article reveals that teenagers do not feel participant in the museum space as well as the fact that this could change if museums became laboratories providing active experiences instead of exhibits with passive explanations.
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Santacana Mestre, Joan ; Martínez Gil, Tània ; Llonch Molina, Nayra ; López Benito, Victoria. ¿Qué opinan los adolescentes sobre los museos y la didáctica?. En: Didáctica de las ciencias experimentales y sociales, 2016, No. 31: 23