A parassubordinação como forma de discriminação

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This article aims to study parasubordination (quasi-subordination) in labour law. Firstly we present the concept of parasubordination in italian law and we discuss legislative modifications developed in this matter lately. After we study how the concept of subordination has been developed in jurists and case law in order to show that parasubordination causes the reduction of subordination into its traditional and restricted concept. It happens because it’s the only way to distinguish parasubordination from subordination. We also demonstrate that labour rights and guarantees held by parasubordinate workers are insufficient and inferior when compared to subordinate workers. For this reason and based on the principle of equality we demonstrate that parasubordination is actually a kind of discrimination because there isn’t an objective and sufficient reason to distinguish parasubordination from subordination.
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Vasconcelos Porto, Lorena. A parassubordinação como forma de discriminação. En: Actualidad jurídica iberoamericana, 2017, Número 6-1: 228-242