Genioplasty with surgical guide using 3D-printing technology : a systematic review

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The purpose of this systematic review is to evaluate the current state of the art of making genioplasties using 3D printing technology. A multi-database single-reviewer systematic review identified sixteen papers that fulfilled the selection criteria. There were mainly case series and case reports available (Level IV of the Oxford Evidence-based medicine scale); only two prospective study (Level III) evaluated this subject. These articles are analyzed in details and summarized in this review. The realization of genioplasties with surgical guide using 3D-printing technology could improve predictability and accuracy. It protects anatomical structures in the environment of the surgery, reducing by this way the morbidity and providing safer results. The type of printer and material used as well as the sterilization techniques should be further developed by the authors. The use of open-access software should also be further explored to allow the use of these new technologies by the largest number of surgeons. Finally, prospective multi-center studies with larger samples should be performed to definitively conclude the benefits of this new technology and allow for its routine use. This article is the first systematic review on this topic.
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Oth, Olivier ; Durieux, Valérie ; Orellana, Maria-Fernanda ; Glineur, Régine. Genioplasty with surgical guide using 3D-printing technology : a systematic review. En: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry, 12 1 2020: 85-92