The atraumatic restorative treatment approach : an atraumatic alternative

Introduction: Fear and anxiety are part of all human experiences and they may contribute directly to a patient?s behavior. The Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) is a technique that may be an alternative approach in treating special care patients or those who suffer fear or anxiety. Objective: the aim of this paper is to review the ART technique as an alternative to reduce pain and fear during dental treatment. Materials and method: A search for the term ?atraumatic restorative treatment? was carried out in the MEDLINE search engine. References, from the last 10 years, containing at least one of the terms: ?psychological aspects?, ?discomfort?, ?fear?, ?anxiety? or ?pain?, were selected. Results: A total of 120 references were found, from which only 17 fit the criteria. Discussion: All authors agreed that the ART promotes less discomfort for patients, contributing to a reduction of anxiety and fear during the dental treatment. Results also indicated that ART minimizes pain reported by patients. Conclusions: The ART approach can be considered as having favorable characteristics for the patient, promoting an ?atraumatic? treatment. This technique may be indicated for patients who suffer from fear or anxiety towards dental treatments and whose behavior may cause the treatment to become unfeasible or even impossible altogether
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