Adolfo Posada: Teoría y práctica política en la España del Siglo XIX.

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This PhD dissertation examines the work of Adolfo Posada, a well-known Spanish author on political law in the late XIX century. One of the main contributions of this thesis is an analysis of his teaching and political activities. This dissertation is divided into two parts: contrasting the theory of state and the situation in Spain. The result analyses the theory of state and the Spanish situation at the time, and so creates a vision of Posadas thoughts. Part I looks into the authors biography and work, with a special stress on his theory of public administration. Part II analyses the moral value that Posada attributes to compliance with the law during the Spanish restoration. The social and political structure of the late nineteenth century is also examined. Additionally, we analyse the 1890 electoral reform aimed at putting an end to the existing oligarchy and oppression by small town rulers. We also study the practical consequences of the 1891 general elections. Hence, we confront Posadas theories not only with the views of his contemporaries but also with the political situation of the time.
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