Asymmetric Oxidative Mannich Reactions

Asymmetric Oxidative Mannich Reactions

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Asymmetric Oxidative Mannich Reactions

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Rostoll Berenguer, Jaume; Blay Llinares, Gonzalo Perfil; Pedro, José Ramón; Vila Descals, Carlos
This document is a artículoDate2021

The asymmetric Mannich reaction is one of the most straightforward methodologies for the enantioselective synthesis of chiral amines. In general, asymmetric Mannich reactions involve the use of imines as electrophiles. However, in recent years, several asymmetric oxidative Mannich reactions have been reported using amines as electrophiles. This review provides an overview of these recent publications, including the different oxidants used and the scope and limitations of the different catalytic systems.

    Rostoll Berenguer, Jaume Blay Llinares, Gonzalo Pedro, José Ramón Vila Descals, Carlos 2021 Asymmetric Oxidative Mannich Reactions Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 363 3 602 628

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