El consentimiento en el proceso penal : ¿un oxímoron?

El consentimiento en el proceso penal : ¿un oxímoron?

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El consentimiento en el proceso penal : ¿un oxímoron?

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Barona Vilar, Silvia
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2021
We are involved in a moment of deep changes in Criminal Procedure due, among other reasons, to the permanent expansion of Criminal Law. Legislative modifications have taken place one another over the world and they have led to a functional reformulation of the role played by the protagonists of Criminal Procedure. These changes have not finished yet and the future is still to come, but new elements are already emerging: the consent of the actors of the process and of the victims and the reinforcement of the principle of opportunity are undoubtedly some of them. Probation, diversion, compliance, criminal mediation are institutions that stand on the principle of consent for procedural purposes and show this new scenario that is emerging. Speaking about consent in criminal proceedings seems to be no longer an oxymoron

    Barona Vilar, Silvia. El consentimiento en el proceso penal : ¿un oxímoron?. En: Revista Boliviana de Derecho, 31 2021: 208-235

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