Tecnología digital : ¿realidad aumentada o deformada?

Tecnología digital : ¿realidad aumentada o deformada?

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Tecnología digital : ¿realidad aumentada o deformada?

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Ballesteros-Soriano, Alfonso
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2020
This paper aims to offer a humanist approach to digital tecnology by asking: ?Does digital technology increase or disminish the stature of man??, ?does it offer us a better reality or does it distort it?? Here I consider that digital tecnology distorts reality. Distorts human knowledge (epistemological distortion), the individual (antropological distortion) and the relationship with others (socio-political distortion). It might be a lead out to look at the gardener with his sense-based-knowledge, his pacience and his capacity to distinguish between what is given and what is built.

    Ballesteros-Soriano, Alfonso. Tecnología digital : ¿realidad aumentada o deformada?. En: Cuadernos electrónicos de filosofía del derecho, 42 2020: 7-

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