Dental-gingival remodeling with BOPT no-prep veneers

Dental-gingival remodeling with BOPT no-prep veneers

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Dental-gingival remodeling with BOPT no-prep veneers

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Agustín Panadero, Rubén; Ausina- Escrihuela, Daniel; Fernández Estevan, Lucía; Román Rodríguez, Juan Luis; Faus López, Joan; Solá Ruiz, María Fernanda Perfil
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Recent years have seen increasing demand for treatments aimed at improving dental esthetics. In this context, both patients and dentists prefer to preserve dental structures as far as possible; thanks to technological advances, especially in adhesive dentistry, new materials and minimally invasive techniques such as ?no-prep? (no preparation) veneers have made this possible. Nevertheless, no-prep veneers have specific indications and suffer certain disadvantages. Objectives: This clinical case describes the rehabilitation of the upper anterior region by means of no-prep veneers, with BOPT (Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique) cervical margins. The patient had requested an aesthetic treatment to improve irregularities of the gingival margins associated with the presence of diastemata resulting from microdontia.

    Agustín Panadero, Rubén ; Ausina- Escrihuela, Daniel ; Fernández Estevan, Lucía ; Román Rodríguez, Juan Luis ; Faus López, Joan ; Solá Ruiz, María Fernanda. Dental-gingival remodeling with BOPT no-prep veneers. En: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry, 9 12 2017: 1496-1500

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