The fluorescence detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory

The fluorescence detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory

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The fluorescence detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory

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The Pierre Auger Collaboration; Pastor Carpi, Sergio; Pinto, Teguayco
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The Pierre Auger Observatory is a hybrid detector for ultra-high energy cosmic rays. It combines a surface array to measure secondary particles at ground level together with a fluorescence detector to measure the development of air showers in the atmosphere above the array. The fluorescence detector comprises 24 large telescopes specialized for measuring the nitrogen fluorescence caused by charged particles of cosmic ray air showers. In this paper we describe the components of the fluorescence detector including its optical system, the design of the camera, the electronics, and the systems for relative and absolute calibration. We also discuss the operation and the monitoring of the detector. Finally, we evaluate the detector performance and precision of shower reconstructions.

    The Pierre Auger Collaboration Pastor Carpi, Sergio Pinto, Teguayco 2010 The fluorescente detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment 620 2-3 227 251

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