On a class of p-soluble groups

On a class of p-soluble groups

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On a class of p-soluble groups

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Ballester-Bolinches, Adolfo Perfil; Esteban Romero, Ramón Perfil; Pedraza Aguilera, María Carmen
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Let p be a prime. The class of all p-soluble groups G such that every p-chief factor of G is cyclic and all p-chief factors of G are G-isomorphic is studied in this paper. Some results on T-, PT-, and PST-groups are also obtained.

    Ballester Bolinches, Adolfo Esteban Romero, Ramón Pedraza Aguilera, María Carmen 2005 On a class of p-soluble groups Algebra Colloquium 12 2 263 267

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