Bifurcations in the Lozi map

Bifurcations in the Lozi map

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Bifurcations in the Lozi map

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Botella Soler, Vicente; Castelo Ares, José María; Oteo Araco, José Ángel; Ros Pallarés, José
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We study the presence in the Lozi map of a type of abrupt order-to-order and order-to-chaos transitions which are mediated by an attractor made of a continuum of neutrally stable limit cycles, all with the same period.

    Botella Soler, Vicente Castelo Ares, José María Oteo Araco, José Ángel Ros Pallarés, José 2011 Bifurcations in the Lozi map Journal Of Physics a-Mathematical And Theoretical 44 30 305101

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