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Sánchez Durá, Nicolás Perfil
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The paper analyses Spyros Meletzis photography work in the mountains of central Greece during the German occupation in the Second World War. It shows the relations with the ELAS and ELAM and defends that against the appearances his work cannot be seen as photo-journalism, but as a memorial practice of the resistance fight against fascism. Besides, it shows how the process of replacing painting for photography as the main mean of war representation has not been the same from a chronological point of view all over Europe.

    Sánchez Durá, Nicolás, "Fotografía partisana" en Spyros Meletzis. La rebeldía antifascista 1942-1944, MUVIM 17 enero a 22 de abril de 2007, Nina Kassianou y Nicolás Sánchez Durá (eds.), Valencia, Pentagraf, 2007, ISBN 84-934617-6-8, pp. 9-23.

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