Good prospects

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This third issue compiles the papers sent during 2017 and some others sent in 2018, so I apologise all the authors for the delay and thank them for their patience. The 4th issue will be devoted to be the proceeding of the World Congress organized by Dr Lamberto Re in Ancona - Italy in 2017 and will be published by Summer-19. Issue number 5 will be devoted to spine diseases thanks to the wonderful effort done by Dr. Alberto Alexandre from Treviso - Italy. The rest of the papers already sent and new to come will be published on 2020. The indexation of this journal is so fantastic, thanks to the University of Valencia?s Publication Service, that it is quickly compiled in all open journals search indexes. We will be included in other search engines as soon as we fulfil their requirements. By the moment, the only thing we need is papers. This issue has scientific articles devoted to basic investigation, toxicity and security topics, AIDS, cardiology, hepatitis, neurology, odontology and osteoarthritis. All of them are very interesting and try to clarify some basic and clinical aspects of ozone therapy. I want to express my most sincere gratitude to all the reviewers - members of the editorial board - that have collaborated and really helped to increase the quality of all of them. Peer review process is our corner stone in order to publish a good quality journal, as I believe this is. For the readers, I thank them for reading our journal so much and download our papers so many times; you can read in the STATISTIC section (still on testing) the great impact our journal is having in the scientific community. I also encourage them to publish their experience. I know that many of them have never published and are afraid of doing it, but I promise I will help anybody that wants to write a paper to do it. Some of you have already checked this. I wait for your papers meanwhile we prepare the next issues! Prof. Jose Baeza-Noci WFOT Past-President JO3T Editor-in-chief
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Baeza Noci, José. Good prospects. En: Journal of Ozone Therapy (JO3T), 2 3 2018: 1-1