La Inspección Educativa como órgano de evaluación y supervisión del profesor de música en la Educación Secundaria Obligatoria en centros de la Comunidad Valenciana.

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This research aims to establish to what extent does the official organ dependent on the Education, inspection, evaluation and supervision of the teaching task, focusing on the teaching of music at the stage of compulsory secondary education. For this, we have assessed the different models of evaluation carried out in neighboring countries, comparing to some extent, with what has been done in our community. Research reveals countless questions such as what is the real function of teacher evaluation or accountability proposed by the Administration would have an educational purpose or rather of penalty on the teacher in his official capacity, in the event of the failure of any of its functions. Several educational inspectors and managers championing different evaluative models ranging from the supervision of the directors of educational institutions, to an informal assessment or self-evaluation. As for the music, the complexity is greater given the enormous specialization before arriving prior to teaching: teachers of instruments degrees in musicology, singers, etc.. The findings of this research show little evidence regarding teacher supervision by the authorities, leading inevitably to a huge range in terms of the teaching in the classroom every day, a feature which does not seem too appropriate for their lack of uniformity.
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