Deportistas valencianos en el exilio

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The following article aims to value and rescue the memory of Valencians athletes who were forced into exile after the end of the Spanish Civil War. Thus by means of qualitative methodology we have recovered and documented the sporting career of five outstanding athletes, three of them of the FUE (Federación Universitaria Escolar): the doctor Manuel Usano, rugby player; José Catalina Llorens, physical education teacher and three times athletics champion of Spain; the indefatigable teacher Alejandra Soler; José Martínez Fort, European boxing champion and the doctor Enrique Georgakopulos, who has the first international Valencian rugby player. We also remember the upholsterer Enrique Cano, Valencia F.C goalkeeper; the pilotari Isidro Muñoz Sesé, el Perolero or cyclist Juan Bautista Llorens. We also evoke the figure of the runner Manuel Lora, worthy representative of what has been called internal exile. The fate of these exiled athletes were countries like France, Algeria or, especially, Mexico and Argentina that hosted a large contingent of them. Most exiled athletes had higher education studies and were not professionals in the field of sport (given the incipient professionalism of the time) and most of them never returned to their land. The majority belonged to left parties and its draws attention the large number of athletes who were exiled from Valencian Country compared to what happened in other regions of Spain perhaps because Valencia was the capital of the Republic, among other factors analyzed.
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Agulló Albuixech, Recaredo Agulló Calatayud, Víctor 2016 Deportistas valencianos en el exilio Laberintos (Valencia) 18 7 36