Dark matter in a charged variant of the Scotogenic model

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Scotogenic models are among the most popular possibilities to link dark matter and neutrino masses. In this work we discuss a variant of the Scotogenic model that includes charged fermions and a doublet with hypercharge 3/2. Neutrino masses are induced at the one-loop level thanks to the states belonging to the dark sector. However, in contrast to the standard Scotogenic model, only the scalar dark matter candidate is viable in this version. After presenting the model and explaining some particularities about neutrino mass generation, we concentrate on its dark matter phenomenology. We show that the observed dark matter relic density can be correctly reproduced in the usual parameter space regions found for the standard Scotogenic model or the Inert Doublet model. In addition, the presence of the charged fermions opens up new viable regions, not present in the original scenarios, provided some tuning of the parameters is allowed.
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Vicente Montesinos, Avelino De Romeri, Valentina Puerta, Miguel 2022 Dark matter in a charged variant of the Scotogenic model European Physical Journal C 82 623 1 16