Actualidad de la atención a las personas cuidadoras en el contexto de la hospitalización

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The context of hospitalization has specific features of care that affects the quality of life (QOL) of the carer (PC). Therefore, attention to the PC in the context of hospitalization (PCH) should cover the needs that will arise in this context. OBJECTIVE: To perform a comparative analysis of existing programs and interventions focus on PCH. METHODS: A systematic review of interventions or programs to the attention of the PCH that are in progress at the time of the study or completed in the last five years and pass the assessment process quality and risk of bias. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: 15 interventions and programs (8 in Spain and 7 in other countries) are selected. Interventions in Spain are based on training and covering some other need for PCH derived from this training such as information and participation. Interventions in other countries are much more diverse: reception areas, music therapy, Reiki, etc. training, thus covering some needs of the PCH as are the psychological and emotional support, satisfaction of the basic activities of daily living (ADL), etc. The programs conducted both in Spain and in other countries do not cover all the needs of the PCH failing in meeting the ADL, referral to other professionals and / or psychological and emotional support. The scope of these interventions and programs is very uneven, since punctual in hospitals to transfer to Community level and continuity of care. CONCLUSIONS: The scant attention to the current PCH does not cover all the needs of that carer in that context and scope does not reflect a continuity of care.
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