Estrategias educativas para el alumnado del Ciclo de Técnico/a Superior de Educación Infantil del Centro Integrado Público de Formación Profesional La Costera sobre la educación de los/as niños/as sordociegos/as en la etapa de cero a tres años

The research in this work focuses on determining the competence level of the first-year students in the Technician in Early Childhood Education regarding education of deaf blinded children in stage 0-3 years old. A survey on functional diversity and deaf blindness has been prepared to assess the competence level of the students. With the results obtained, a project has been prepared aiming to provide strategies for the Technician in Early Childhood Education to intervene in the educational process of children with deaf blindness. The research work has been carried out as follows. First, the relationship between childhood and disability has been stablished. The term deaf blindness and its causes, the warning signs, the early care process and the professionals who intervene from the health, social, educational and support areas have been defined. Finally, the educational guidelines applied in the cognitive, motor and emotional development of children with deaf blindness have been explained. As a result of the investigation, it has become clear that the students partially understand the educational process of a child who is deaf blinded. Therefore, the intervention project developed not only provides the necessary strategies but is also linked to the cognitive and motor development module.
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