L’ús del valencià: mirada al present i al futur

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This paper summarizes data related to the real use of Valencian language at present as well as the use speakers would want to make of it (§1). After having noted the difference between the positive attitude of Valencians to the public use of Valencian and the very limited use by social leaders, this paper looks for the reasons of such divergency (§2). It is proposed that they would lie on the changes of the valencianism ideology that took place during the period from the thirties to the seventies in the 20th century and on the effects that the ideological changes had on valencian politics at the beginning of democracy recoverage ¬(late seventies and eighties). The interpretation of the present time let us deduce which linguistic, politic and social attitudes and conditions are needed to stop the drawback usage of Valencian and start its recovery (§3). The group of variables is connected to democratic attitudes and to the recognition of Valencian as an outstanding component of the Valencian identity. The relation between Valencia and Spain and Valencia and Catalonia are some of the variables that have been considered.
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Saragossà Alba, A. (2013). L’ús del valencià: mirada al present i al futur. Aula de Lletres Valencianes. Revista Valenciana de Filologia, 3, p. 31-101, ISSN: 2253-7694