Rotura del tendón distal del bíceps braquial

Objective: to present our experience in the treatment of ruptures of the distal biceps braquialis tendon in hand workers. Methods: 9 patients, middle age 47, went under surgery, 8 of them with a transoseus reinsertion of the tendon in the bicipital tuberosity of the radius with a double surgical approach. The average follow-up was 13 months. Results: excellent results were achieved in all of the 9 patients, recovering previous muscle strength, with full range of flexion-extension, 85º of supination and 86º of pronation. All 9 patients return to work in a period of 3 to 4 months. Conclusion: this technique is effective in the treatment of this injury, and it is recommended in active patients.
Bibliographic reference
Gómez Canedo, Juan Manuel ; Costas Pajariño, J.M. ; Pita Echegaray, M.A. ; Rivera Gabela, A. ; Pérez Muñoz, M. ; Corral García, I.. Rotura del tendón distal del bíceps braquial. En: Revista española de cirugía osteoarticular, 2009, Volumen 44, Número 238: 54-57