El pecio de Binissafúller. Estado de las investigaciones

This article presents the results of the studies derived from the excavation campaign carried out in 2011, along with those of previous interventions and the classiication work and review of the materials removed in the 70s of the last century. Considering that currently almost fourty per cent of the shipwreck remains to be excavated, the results give a global view that changes, in part, some of the conclusions of the studies of this wreck which derived from the literature generated after the irst excavations. Currently,a multidisciplinary research team is studying the remains found: ceramics, inscriptions on amphorae, naval architecture and analyses of organic and inorganic residues. The results are presented in the following article.
Bibliographic reference
Aguelo, X.; Pons, O.; de Juan, C.; Ramon, J. Mata, C.; Soria, L.; Piqué, R.; Antolín, F. (2013). El pecio de Binissafúller. Estado de las investigaciones. I Congreso de Arqueología Náutica y Subacuática Española, 67-85.