After Brexit : Britain´s Future

After Brexit : Britain´s Future

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After Brexit : Britain´s Future

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Seguí Alcaraz, Antoni
This document is a artículoDate2021
After 43 years as a member first of th e European Communi ty a nd then the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom decided, in what is assumed to be the most democratic way possible, to leave this relationship. The British public have voted against their own interests. People across Europe, and indeed throughout the world, are afraid. Above all they are afraid of globalisation, which they believe has brought the threat of the other into their daily lives and has undermined their livelihoods, while benefiting only an elite few. They fear for their safety and their jobs and they are angry with the leaders who have proved incapable of defending their interests.

    Seguí Alcaraz, Antoni 2021 After Brexit : Britain´s Future Global Journal of Management and Business Research: B Economics and Commerce XXI II 1 6

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