Humility : Virgin or Virtue?

Humility : Virgin or Virtue?

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Humility : Virgin or Virtue?

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Mocholí Martínez, María Elvira; Montesinos Castañeda, María
This document is a artículoDate2021
This paper considers Marian iconography in which the Virgin is depicted sitting on the ground, known as the Virgin of Humility. The creation of this Marian type coincides with Saint Thomas's systematization of the virtues, which resulted in a decline in the importance of the virtue of Humility. The combination of both cultural traditions has led to a correspondence between the virtue of Humility and the images of the Virgin of Humility. The genesis of this latter type is based on the textual sources and part of the visual representation of Humility, which was replaced during the 14th and 15th centuries.

    Mocholí Martínez, María Elvira Montesinos Castañeda, María 2021 Humility : Virgin or Virtue? Religions 12 1 19

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