Sustainable financing through crowdfunding

Sustainable financing through crowdfunding

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Sustainable financing through crowdfunding

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Martínez Climent, Carla; Costa Climent, Ricardo; Oghazi, Pejvak
This document is a artículoDate2019
The phenomenon of crowdfunding has been widely studied, while the sustainability of crowdfunded ventures is attracting growing interest from academia and society. In light of this interest, we conducted bibliometric analysis to study the relationship between crowdfunding and crowdfunded ventures’ sustainability orientation. We analyzed the number of publications, type of publications, and most productive countries, journals, and authors. We also analyzed the most cited articles and examined their approach to sustainability and crowdfunding. The results suggested that a sustainability orientation could bring about change in the current financial and environmental system.

    Martínez-Climent C, Costa-Climent R, Oghazi P. Sustainable Financing through Crowdfunding. Sustainability. 2019; 11(3):934.

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