Wavelength-codified fiber laser hydrogen detector

Wavelength-codified fiber laser hydrogen detector

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Wavelength-codified fiber laser hydrogen detector

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Ortigosa-Blanch, A.; Díez Cremades, Antonio; González-Segura, A.; Cruz Muñoz, José Luis; Andrés, Miguel V. Perfil
This document is a artículoDate2005
We report a scheme for an optical hydrogen detector that codifies the information in wavelength. The system is based on an erbium-doped fiber laser with two coupled cavities and a Palladium-coated tapered fiber within one of the laser cavities. The tapered fiber acts as the hydrogen-sensing element. When the sensing element is exposed to a hydrogen atmosphere, its attenuation decreases changing the cavity losses. This change leads the system to switch lasing from the wavelength of the auxiliary cavity to the characteristic wavelength of the cavity which contains the sensing element. The detection level can be shifted by adjusting the reflective elements of the cavity containing the sensing element.

    Ortigosa-Blanch, A. Díez Cremades, Antonio González-Segura, A. Cruz Muñoz, José Luis Andrés, Miguel V. 2005 Wavelength-codified fiber laser hydrogen detector Applied Physics Letters 87 20 201104-1 201104-3

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