Dual-kind Q-switching of erbium fiber laser

Dual-kind Q-switching of erbium fiber laser

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Dual-kind Q-switching of erbium fiber laser

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Barmenkov, Yuri O.; Kir'yanov, Alexander V.; Cruz Muñoz, José Luis; Andrés, Miguel V. Perfil
This document is a artículoDate2014
Two different regimes of Q-switching in the same implementation of an actively Q-switched erbium-doped fiber laser are demonstrated. Depending on the active fiber length and repetition rate of an intracavity Q-cell (acousto-optic modulator), the laser operates either in the regime of common, rather long and low-power, pulses composed of several sub-pulses or in the one of very short and powerful stimulated Brillouin scattering-induced pulses. The basic physical reason of the laser system to oscillate in one of these two regimes is the existence or absence of CW narrow-line 'bad-cavity' lasing in the intervals when the Q-cell is blocked.

    Barmenkov, Yuri O. Kir'yanov, Alexander V. Cruz Muñoz, José Luis Andrés, Miguel V. 2014 Dual-kind Q-switching of erbium fiber laser Applied Physics Letters 104 091124-1 091124-4

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