Justification, Attachments and Regret

Justification, Attachments and Regret

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Justification, Attachments and Regret

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Corbí, Josep E. Perfil
This document is a artículoDate2017
In *The View From Here*, Jay Wallace emphasises that an agent's capacity to regret a past decision is conditioned by the attachments that she may have developed as a result. Those attachments shape the point of view from which she retrospectively deliberates. Wallace stresses, however, that not every normative aspect of her decision is affected by this change in perspective, because her decision will remain as unjustified as it was in the past. I will argue, however, that this approach to justification is inconsistent with the normative import that Wallace ascribes to the actual dynamics of our attachments in his defence of the rationale of regret. If I am right, Wallace's approach is caught in the following dilemma: Either he renounces a nonperspectival approach to justification or he revises his view about the normative import of the actual dynamics of our attachments.

    Corbí, Josep E. 2017 Justification, Attachments and Regret European Journal of Philosophy 25 4 1718 1738

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