The Loss of Confidence in the World

The Loss of Confidence in the World

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The Loss of Confidence in the World

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Corbí, Josep E. Perfil
This document is a capítuloDate2017
In this chapter, I focus on the experience of torture and, more specifically, on Jean Améry's account of it in his book *At the Mind's Limits*. There he claims that the loss of confidence in the world is the most devastating effect he experienced as a victim of torture. I thus explore what cosmopolitan aspiration may be revealed by this loss and also discuss whether it is to be discredited as an irrational reaction on the victim's side or instead as proportional to the facts and, consequently, as relevant to the conditions under which a certain cosmopolitan aspiration could be achieved or, at least, favored.

    Corbí, J. E. 2017 'The Loss of Confidence in the World? en Wahman, J.; Medina José M.; and Stuhr, J.J. (eds.) Cosmopolitan and Place. Bloomington, Indiana, pp. 161-180. Indiana University Press.
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