The fear of life : hyper-medicalised societies

The fear of life : hyper-medicalised societies

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The fear of life : hyper-medicalised societies

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Pérez Oliva, Milagros
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2016
We are becoming more vulnerable. The feeling of general uncertainty comes from the fact that we live through several crises at the same time. In a world dominated by consumerism and self-interest, health has also become a consumer product. The wellness industry offers shortcuts to happiness and remedies to overcome the anxieties and discomforts of life: shortcuts and remedies in pill form. In this context, journalism must ensure access to truthful, evidence-based information that allows people to manage their decision-making properly, especially in situations concerning individual and collective health.

    Pérez Oliva, Milagros. The fear of life : hyper-medicalised societies. En: Mètode Science Studies Journal: Annual Review, 6 2016: 200-207

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