Rethinking conservation : towards a paradigm shift

Rethinking conservation : towards a paradigm shift

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Rethinking conservation : towards a paradigm shift

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Martínez-Abraín, Alejandro
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2019
Between the mid-1980s and the present day, conservation biology split into two almost independent fields: management ecology and conservation ecology. We have witnessed the recovery of large endangered species and a decrease in small and common species. In addition, the abandonment of rural areas has allowed the expansion of forest species and has hurt those that inhabit open spaces and who are linked to traditional farming. Many species that once lived only in refuges are now starting to venture further out and are losing their fear of humans. Moreover, environments that have become anthropic are now being successfully occupied more often. In short, we are going towards a world that reconciles humans and wildlife, which will be beneficial, but will also pose new challenges.

    Martínez-Abraín, Alejandro. Rethinking conservation : towards a paradigm shift. En: Mètode Science Studies Journal: Annual Review, 9 2019: 108-115

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