DIP 2020-2021. Unit 16. State Responsibility

DIP 2020-2021. Unit 16. State Responsibility

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DIP 2020-2021. Unit 16. State Responsibility

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Torres Pérez, María Perfil
1. General aspects. A) Concept, subjects and modalities of international responsibility; B) Codification of the law of international responsibility; 2. International responsibility of States for wrongful acts. A) The elements. a1) subjective element: the act of State. a2) objective element: the breach of an international obligation. B) Circumstances precluding wrongfulness. C) Consequences of the wrongful act of States. D) Ways to enforce responsibility. 3. International liability for injurious consequences arising out of acts not prohibited under International Law.

    Powerpoint del tema 16 de la asignatura International Public Law, curso académico 2020-2021.

    TORRES PÉREZ, M. (2021), State responsibility, curso académico 2020-2021, Powerpoint, 17 págs.

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