Hepatocyte transplantation, a step forward?

Hepatocyte transplantation, a step forward?

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Hepatocyte transplantation, a step forward?

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Ott, Michael; Castell Ripoll, José Vicente
This document is a artículoDate2019
Hepatocyte transplantation emerged a few decades ago as a possible strategy to overcome some of the limitations of liver transplantation, among them the availability of organ donors and the functional quality of grafts. Nowadays, allogenic cell transplantation is still to be confirmed as a viable therapeutic option for patients with hereditary metabolic liver diseases. Although we have now overseen 5 decades of basic and animal research in the field, the number of successfully treated patients remains low. Limitations in cell engraftment and selective proliferation of transplanted cells remain a constraint to the generalized use of this therapeutic approach.

    Ott, Michael Castell Ripoll, José Vicente 2019 Hepatocyte transplantation, a step forward? Journal of Hepatology 70 6 1049 1050

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