Parejas de hecho: : Historia, régimen y perspectivas de futuro

Parejas de hecho: : Historia, régimen y perspectivas de futuro

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Parejas de hecho: : Historia, régimen y perspectivas de futuro

Show simple item record García Cantero, Gabriel es 2021-04-16T11:02:21Z 2021-04-16T11:02:21Z 2021 es
dc.description.abstract Global analysis, jointly made by both authors, on the unmarried couples or the ?de facto union? in Spanish civil law, including foral or special law. Starting from classical Roman Law, it deals with the historical background, Canon Law, common and codified law, with special attention to the 1978 Constitution and the reforming laws of the marriage of the Civil Code. Unions outside of marriage: a) are based not on the principle of equality, but on the principle of freedom and the free development of personality; b) any legislative decision in this area cannot have an ?anti-marital? spirit; c) legislation produced under those principles cannot prejudice the legal and social protection of the family; and d) the granting of a global status to them lacks sufficient reason. They consider unmarried couples as a social phenomenon expressed by the behaviour of two persons when, regardless of their sexual orientation, they maintain a marital-style cohabitation, of a stable, public and notorious nature, which is capable of producing legal effects. It is, therefore, a socio-legal approach focused on the following features of such unions: a) behaviour as expression, of public and notorious character; b) sexually undifferentiated character; c) exclusivity; d) necessary capacity and age and the possible application of marital impediments; e) absence of legal bond and social sanction; f ) stable cohabitation of a marital nature; g) sexual relations and offspring; h) susceptibility to produce legal effects; i) social phenomenon or institution? In particular, the beginning, permanence and extinction of unmarried couples are analyzed in detail, and finally going deeper on to the succession aspects. es
dc.source García Cantero, Gabriel. Parejas de hecho: : Historia, régimen y perspectivas de futuro. En: Actualidad jurídica iberoamericana, 14 2021: 322-379 es
dc.title Parejas de hecho: : Historia, régimen y perspectivas de futuro es
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article en
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion en
dc.subject.unesco UNESCO::CIENCIAS JURÍDICAS es
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