Audiencias infantiles en televisión abierta

Audiencias infantiles en televisión abierta

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Audiencias infantiles en televisión abierta

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Luz Álvarez, Clara
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2020
Notwithstanding the existence of diverse technological platforms to access audiovisual contents, free-to-air television continues to be significant in households and is consumed daily by children. Children audiences in free-to-air television needs to be protected through schedules during which only suitable contents for children of different ages is allowed. The schedules must remain as long as there is no parental control for free-to-air television, and which is generally available to the people. Mexican judicial cases evidence the difficulty to assert the children´s audience rights and to respect the principle of the child´s best interest

    Luz Álvarez, Clara. Audiencias infantiles en televisión abierta. En: Actualidad jurídica iberoamericana, 13 2020: 78-101

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