La escuela o el vacío completo

La escuela o el vacío completo

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La escuela o el vacío completo

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García Martínez, Vicent; Hernández, Carlos; Hernàndez i Dobon, Francesc Jesús Perfil
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2020
This article uses a pictorial image in a double sense. First, it raises the blind spot of concern about the digital divide in the confinement by COVID-19, namely, the difference in performance in the previous situation correlated with the disposition of domestic goods. Second, it uses the expression of pure non-objectivity in relation to the possibility of extracting from Bourdieu and Passeron a theory of the school as the zero or null medium, in the manner of Enzensberger.

    García Martínez, Vicent ; Hernández, Carlos ; Hernàndez i Dobon, Francesc Jesús. La escuela o el vacío completo. En: Revista de Sociología de la Educación-RASE, 13 2 2020: 183-192

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