Communicative English Language Skills Improvement Programme (CELSIP)

Communicative English Language Skills Improvement Programme (CELSIP)

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Communicative English Language Skills Improvement Programme (CELSIP)

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Alcantud Díaz, María Perfil; Soler Pardo, Betlem
This document is a ejercicioDate2021
With CELSIP we seek to help students increase the cognitive, literacy, practical strategies, tools and abilities they need to become successful teachers of English with brilliant communication abilities. Our philosophy is further based on our shared experiences working with a variety of students, ranging from Primary, Secondary, High Education and other adult students. We view learning as a social process that occurs within specific sociocultural contexts and it is most rewardingly attained by doing. In line with our teaching philosophy, the starting point of this programme is focused on responding to students’ personal needs. CELSIP tries to assist students in developing the knowledge, abilities, and tools necessary to become autonomous and competent communicators.

    This is a programme under the supervision of the coordinators for the subjects Foreign Language I (English) & Foreign Language II (English) from the Teaching Unit of English - Department of Didactics of Languages and Literature. It is designed as an additional English language training programme to get our students achieved a higher communicative level of English.
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