Sobre el comodato o préstamo de uso

Sobre el comodato o préstamo de uso

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Sobre el comodato o préstamo de uso

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Domínguez Guillén, Mª Candelaria
This document is a artículoDate2020

The article refers to the contract of commodatum or gratuitous loan for use in the Venezuelan legal system. To this purpose, the article considers the main aspects of the subject, such as: concept, background, nature, characteristics, elements, effects and extinction. It starts from the limited regulation in the Civil Code, the doctrine and some case law reference, and at same time, it reviews briefly the concept in Spain legislation. It is a real contract of a non-fungible thing, which usually occurs among acquaintances and friends.

    Domínguez Guillén, Mª Candelaria. Sobre el comodato o préstamo de uso. En: Revista Boliviana de Derecho, 29 2020: 54-97

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