Parenting Styles and Internet Use

Parenting Styles and Internet Use

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Parenting Styles and Internet Use

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Tur Porcar, Ana María Perfil
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The Internet has become the most popular way for young people to communicate with one another. Recent data indicate that 95% of students have Internet access. This study examined the links between Internet use and the parenting styles that shape parent-child interactions. Empirical analysis showed that Internet use accounts for the majority of adolescents' leisure time. The neglecting parenting style has the strongest relationship with addictive Internet use by adolescent girls and boys. For boys, addictive Internet use is also related to a combination of different parenting styles resulting from inconsistencies and contradictions between parents.

    Tur Porcar, Ana María 2017 Parenting Styles and Internet Use Psychology & Marketing 34 1016 1022

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