Sobre la descripción de Sideritis ×antonii-josephii (Labiatae)

Sobre la descripción de Sideritis ×antonii-josephii (Labiatae)

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Sobre la descripción de Sideritis ×antonii-josephii (Labiatae)

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Ferrer Gallego, Pedro Pablo; Roselló Gimeno, Roberto; Mateo, Gonzalo; Laguna Lumbreras, Emilio; Peris Gisbert, Juan Bautista
This document is a artículoDate2020

?Sideritis ×antoniijosephii? (Labiatae) was proposed in 1947 as a new hybrid by Pío Font i Quer from material collected inTeruel (Spain) on the occasion of a century dedicated to Cavanilles and distributed in an exsiccata in1947. This hybrid was proposed as the result of the natural cross between ?S. glacialis var. pulvinata? and S. hirsuta. However, the name of this hybrid, considered by some authors as validly described, is sofar an invalid name because it was not effectively published. In this work the effective publication of the description of this hybrid is carried out, specifying the identity of its parents according to the current taxonomy of the genus.

    Ferrer Gallego, Pedro Pablo ; Roselló Gimeno, Roberto ; Mateo, Gonzalo ; Laguna Lumbreras, Emilio ; Peris Gisbert, Juan Bautista. Sobre la descripción de Sideritis ×antonii-josephii (Labiatae). En: Flora Montiberica, 77 2020: 27-32

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