Viral Evolution and Immune Responses

Viral Evolution and Immune Responses

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Viral Evolution and Immune Responses

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Domingo Calap, Pilar
This document is a artículoDate2019
Antiviral responses are activated rapidly after viral infection in order to control and prevent dissemination of the virus. Different pathways are activated in the immune system, including innate and adaptive responses. On the other hand, viruses have evolved specifi c strategies to evade these responses. Due to the high viral evolutionary rates, escape variants can emerge and spread fast in the population. The co-evolution between viruses and their host is a constant arms race, and is of special interest to understand the viral escape mechanisms that may guide the future development of antiviral treatments and vaccines.

    Domingo Calap, Pilar 2019 Viral Evolution and Immune Responses Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Biochemical Technology 5 13 18

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