Appropiateness of Education and Employment

Appropiateness of Education and Employment

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Appropiateness of Education and Employment

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Adela García-Aracil; Rosa Isusi-Fagoaga
This document is a artículoDate2019
Education programmes are designed to equip young populations with the qua-lifications required to assume responsible roles in specific professions and in society generally. In this paper, the focus of the analysis is on the significance of a number of higher education programme characteristics in allocating Belarusian young higher education graduates across the labour market and how these graduates perform in their jobs. Graduate performance is analysed in terms of the match between graduates' qualifications and employment require-ments in Belarus. The findings provide relevant information for supporting the educational reform of Belarusian universities and increasing the employability of its graduates.

    Adela García-Aracil Rosa Isusi-Fagoaga 2019 Appropiateness of Education and Employment Social Education 51 2 55 61

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