Trauma, concepto histórico del siglo XX

Trauma, concepto histórico del siglo XX

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Trauma, concepto histórico del siglo XX

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Meléndez Vivó, Ana
This document is a artículoDate2019
In recent decades, the concept of trauma enjoys full relevance, nurturing the political and academic debate, as well as numerous literary texts. However, the objective of our research will be limited to studying the translation of the concept from the psychic field to historical semantics from, primarily, a koselleckianhistorical-conceptual perspective. That is, our intention is to verify that the substantial and gradual change in the semantic structure of the concept of trauma, from the end of the nineteenth century until the last half of the twentieth century, is not merely a lexicographic issue, but rather channels the collective experiences of contemporary temporality, pointing to a historical change in the relationship that contemporary expectations and experience maintain.

    Meléndez Vivó, Ana 2019 TRAUMA, CONCEPTO HISTÓRICO DEL SIGLO XX L' Inconscio (Arcavacata di Rende) 8 147 170

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